Keeping track of the pricing, procurement, provisioning, and service management of your organization’s network, data, and telecom services consumes an enormous amount of monetary and human resources. Further complicating the issue is that your vendors’ reference data and invoicing are often not aligned with your company’s own data, making it extremely difficult or even impossible for you to determine if your organization is overspending or if the services you are buying are meeting your short-term needs and supporting your long-term goals.

Industry Standards leverages our technology and industry knowledge and our extensive network of connectivity solutions providers to help your organization reduce costs and simplify your services while ensuring you are receiving the secure, best-in-class solutions your company needs. We work with organizations of all sizes, from one office to hundreds of locations, to source, price, implement, and optimize secure broadband and WAN solutions, fixed wireless, dark fiber, wavelength services, and more. With our ongoing monitoring and support, you can focus on your company’s core competencies while Industry Standards takes care of your network, data, and telecom needs.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Network, telecom, and data procurement, optimization, and cost management
  • Managed network services, network engineering, and network operations centers (NOC)
  • Dedicated internet, SD-WAN, T-1, cable, and DSL
  • Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, and metro Ethernet
  • OCx, DS-3, IP VPN, and IP MPLS
  • Data Audits