About Us

Industry Standards is a connectivity, mobility, cloud services and cyber security services consultancy. We leverage our relationships with numerous hardware manufacturers, telecom partners, MSPs/MSSPs, VARs, and systems integrators to help businesses manage their technology sourcing in an impartial, efficient, cost-effective, and security-conscious manner. We make sure that your business is always using the best, most cost-effective, and most secure enterprise technology solutions so that you can focus on using your technology to innovate and achieve your organizational goals.  We are your advocate!!!

What We Do

Source Secure, High-Quality Technology Solutions

We source technology solutions that not only save your business money and drive innovation but also adhere to the highest standards of information security.

Cut Through the Noise

We demystify the process of technology sourcing and match our customers with the enterprise IT services that are right for their businesses and data environment.  We work for and with you.

Empower Innovation

Technology solutions should be a business driver, helping not only to make people productive but to protect them from cyber attacks. We match our customers with solutions that empower innovation and support their long-term business goals.

Chris Squatritto - Founder


Mr. Chris Squatritto’s technology career began over 20 years ago, when he was a Junior in High School.   From provisioning Switch 56, ISDN and PRI circuits, and configuring Cisco 4000M routers, to designing and implementing the city's first Wide Area Network, servicing 15,000 people, it was all in a days work...well after school at least.  Over his career, technology advanced and networks advanced, and Chris kept up with the changes.  Migrating from traditional telecom connections to high speed fiber uplinks to bring together over 385,000 people on a single network, providing Internet, and security services to what became the nations 5th largest school district.  Finally, Chris spent the past 4 years entrenched in what has become known as Cyber Security.  Learning how attackers think, understanding enterprise technology flaws that allow for cyber attacks, and working with cutting edge technology companies to become a well recognized thought leader in not only Telecom and Networking, but Cloud Technologies and how to secure each.  Chris brings his years of expertise to the founding of Industry Standards, the nations first Agent to provide not only telecom, cloud and mobility services, but to understand the unique ways to secure and protect each from attack to ensure your company stays online, no matter what the threat landscape brings.